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Roisin is a former singer with CELTIC WOMAN, RIVERDANCE, ANUNA, and LIAM LAWTON. Her work has taken her all over the world over the last 10 years, and has seen her record two beautiful solo albums, “Spirit of an Irish Christmas”, and more recently “Surrounded”. Her choice of music is influenced by her classical training, her Irish heritage, and her Celtic spirituality.

"My music is not influenced by specific artists or bands. Rather, it is influenced by what is going on around us, how we feel, the energy in the room, our hopes for the future, and our memories of the past, and of course the ideas coming from myself and my amazing musicians. It is 'in the moment', which is a beautiful creative place to be. A place all artists should allow themselves to visit at least once in their creative lives.

Upcoming Appearances

Roisin is performing with Wexford Festival Singers, October 25th,Rowe Street , Wexford.

West of Eden, December 12th and 13th, Gotebourg,Sweden.

Festival of Christmas Music,December 19th,Wexford Opera House,Wexford.

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Roisin's new album Surrounded is a collection of contmporary, traditional Irish and Classical songs meant to sooth the soul when nothing else will.
"Surrounded" is now available from CD baby and I tunes nline and Veritas stores nationwide.